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History of Novel

 In 1943, Scientific Instruments of Education Ministry established the predecessor of Jiangnan Novel in Chongqing. Famous scientists like Wu Ru, Xue Pei Zhen, Feng Yan Lv led the company in the early years when the country is going through a period of war and turmoil. The company eventually became one of the first entrepreneurs in Chinese instrument industry. 

In 1946, The factory was moved to Nanjing, and started producing optical stands, scales and other simple teaching instruments . In the 1950's, the factory was renamed as Nanjing Novel Scientific Instrument Factory and Nanjing Teaching Instruments Factory respectively. In 1965, we changed as Jiangnan optical instruments factory, and the scale of factory was continually expanding because of government's support, improvement of product develpment and production capacity. With the successfully development of physics teaching instruments series ,slide projector, 60 cm astronomy telescope, telescope and other military products under very poor condition, spirit of constantly striving was set in our factory.

In 1954, the first biological microscope was developed in Jiangnan. In 1959, the first elecron microscope, the first 6000mm aerial photographic apparatus, the first horizontal optical microscope, the first polarizing microscope was successfully developed in Jiangnan. With the hard work of 1950s, Jiangnan's electronic instruments series, optical instruments series , and aerial apparatus series begun to take shape, laid a solid foundation for enterprise development.

In 1959, Nanjing Teaching Instruments Factory was regarded as one of the best factory in China.

After changed as Jiangnan optical instruments factory in 1965, we specialized in the development of microscope, electronic optical instruments and aerial apparatus.These products were immediately put into the market, and had made important contribution to natiional economic construction, defense construction, education, research and development,and health care. Jiangnan continued to grow as China oprical instruments in large enterprise with important influence in the world.

With the development of reform and opening up in 1980s, Jiangnan's leadship began to explore and accelerate the pace of development of expor-orented economy, tried to play their own advantages, and increased the intensity of changing backward conceptions, actively improve and create conditions to gradually and international practice.We had cooperation with U.S. Bausch and Lomb company now the United States Lycra company) and the Japan Nikon.Through cooperation in good faith, we owned comprehensive ability of leading position in the domestic counterparts.

In 1994, we renamed as Nanjing Jiangnan Optics & Electronics (Group) Joint Stock Co., Ltd, enabled Jiangnan to further full of energy. In order to improved development speed and ability of the enterprise, we had restructured and continued to run to a higher stage of development.

In 2005, Jiangnan was further re-structured as Nanjing Jiangnan Novel optics Co,LTD,and we are facing a broader future with a new look.

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