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History of Teaching Instruments

Duo to poor condition in Chongqing factory, only simple products such as rubber hammer, tuning fork could be made at that time. After 1950s, due to significant improvement in production, Jiangnan was able to produce Physics teaching instruments for middle school education. Jiangnan also started production of a slide projector, other optical instruments and electrical equipments such as meters, which small millimeters were exported to the U.K.


Duo to poor condition in Chongqing factory, only simple products such as rubber 
hammer, tuning fork could be made at that time.

After 1950s, due to significant i
mprovement in production, Jiangnan
was able to produce Physics teaching
instruments for middle school 
education. Jiangnan also started 
production of a slide projector, other 
optical instruments and electrical 
equipments such as meters, which
small millimeters were exported to 
the U.K.

Over a period of 20 years, we had 
offered a large variety of teaching 
instruments, and became the main 
education equipment manufacturer.
We had
to the cause
of education 
for our 
nation along
the course.

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