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History of Aerial Instruments
In 1959, as a gift project for national day anniversary, 18x18cm aerial photography multi projection measuring instrument machine, lights and stereo, three-dimensional coordinate measuring instrument were successfully developed, which thereby laid the foundation of aerial surveying instrument series .After further development, these products are inputs production. Advanced products like HCD-3/122 special wide angle more times projector, JAHANG-17 Aviation camera etc., had been successfully developed in 1970s, some of which received numerous awards presented by government.

In 1981, HS88/23 and HS152/23
aerial surveysurvey cameras,
which were both key national
scientific research projects,
 were successfully developed.
This marks a new research level
in largediameter lens and 
multi-layer coating technology. 
This filled domestic technology
 void in the area and won Jiangsu 
Province Science Award, as well 
as Second Place in the 1985 and 1986 Ministry of Machine Scientific
 and Technological Development Progress Award.
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