AOI:0 Degree λ=400-540nm Tave<1% λ=560-650nm Tave <2% λ=548-552nm
Tave >95% T=50% transmisson at:λ=548±3nm λ=552±3nm

AOI:0 Degree
λ=350-400nm Tave <1% λ=445-500nm Tave >92%
T10%-90% slope less than 25nm
λ=615-680nm Tmin>94% λ=730-900nm Tave <3%
T10%-90% slope less than 35nm
T=50% transmisson at: λ=413±5nm λ=710±12nm

wave range AOI
400nm-700nm 55 degree Rabs>94% Rave>98%
400nm-700nm 60 degree Rabs>94% Rave>98%
400nm-700nm 70 degree Rabs>94% Rave>97%

AOI:0 Degree
λ=400-750nm R(ave)<0.3% λ=400-750nm R(max)<0.5%

Linear Variable Filters

AOI:0 Degree
λ=421-430nm T>80% λ=431-710nm T>85%
λ=761-1000nm T<3% λ=1001-1050nm T<6% λ=1051-1080nm T<10%
T=50% transmission at: λ=730±10nm

UV filter
AOI:0 Degree
λ=300-385nm Tave <0.25% λ=405nm Tmin <10%
T=50% transmission at: λ=413±5nm
λ=428+0/-10nm Tmin>96% λ=438+0/-10nm Tmin>98%
λ=443-683nm Tmin >97% λ=423-700nm Tave >98%

Wavebeam Filter

AOI:0 Degree
λ=350-390nm Tave <1% λ=425-475nm Tave >93%
T10%-90% slope less than 25nm
λ=530-565nm Tmin>93%
λ=625-695nm Tave >94%
T10%-90% slope less than 35nm
T=50% transmission at:λ=410±5nm λ=708±12nm

AOI:45 Degree
λ=400-700nm R:T =5:5

AOI:45 Degree
λ=386-405nm Tave <1.5% λ=424-430nm Tave >93%
T10%-90% slope less than 25nm
λ=450-470nm Tave <1% λ=498-510nm Tmin>93%
λ=545-560nm Tave <1.5% λ=590-615nm Tave >94%
T10%-90% slope less than 35nm
T=50% transmission at:λ=415±5nm λ=623±9nm

SHINCRON Sputter Coating Machine
1、Compare with the normal sputter coating machine
a) Coating environment tolerance level is 3 times higher than regular sputter coating machine. 
b) Hardness of the surface is 9H.
c) Density of the coating is twice as much as regular coating.
2、Spectral curve variation is controlled within 2nm during continuous production (over 20 coating runs).
3、Special coating process allows coating thickness to reach 8nm stably.
4、It could easily achieve processing with central refractive index.

SHINCRON Ion Source Coating Machine
1) High precision control with 4th Generation Optical Control (opm1) + Crystal Control.
2)5th Generation High-Power Radio Frequency Ion Source.
3)Japanese 270 Degree Electron Gu.

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