Mechanical Processing

CNC Production Line
·The Diameter of axis parts Φ1.5~ Φ60mm
·Wall Thickness of the parts 0.3mm
·The parallelism is 0.01mm for small parts and 0.005mm for the big one.
·Black anodizing technique, aluminum anodizing colorless technique, copper blue pickled technique, sandblasting anodizing technique, chromium coating technique, glod alodine technique, surface lacquer technique.

MAZAK FH-4000 Machining Center
·Ultrastability, high precision,high efficiency
·Double Work Platforms
·Work Platform Dimension: 400x400mm
·Cutting tools :40 piece

JAPAN TSUGAMI FANUC Series OI-TC Automatic Machine
·Auto Feeder:Automatically transfer raw materials up to 2.5m in length
·Standard FANUC system
·Ultrastability, high precision,high efficiency

FANUC Series Oi mate-TC Minitype Precision CNC Machine
·Ultrastability, high precision,high efficiency
·High quality of processing surface finish

JAPAN FANUC Drilling and Milling Machine
·Cutting Tools :14 piece


Rotational Speed of Largest Axis
·The Speed of Moving: 48 meters / seconds
·Work Platform : 500×400×330mm
·Maximum Load of Work Platform: 250KG

Metal oxidization production line
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